Building A Financial Plan

Helping you through your life journey

  • Getting started - Your first job – It makes sense to protect that income. We will help you put a plan in place to save money for the deposit for your first home, starting the plan for your future
  • Moving up - If you are starting a family, reducing your loans or saving for your child’s education, we can help you plan every step of the way.
  • Prime of your life - When your income is rising and your living expenses are reducing ,its time to enjoy life when you are fit and healthy, secure in the knowledge that we are taking care of your retirement planning.
  • Shifting priorities - As the children fly the nest and you are considering the run up to retirement, having a plan will offer peace of mind and bring a better sense of security.
  • Living your dream - Now you realise the benefits of having a plan in place for your retirement. We’ll help protect your nest egg and get a good income from it, giving you more time to take up the hobbies you always wanted to and spend more time with your grandchildren.

Call us today and we look forward to being part of your journey. Whatever stage you are at we can design a plan that will work for you.

Five-Step Financial Planning Process

At Rite Financial Solutions, we follow a structured five-step financial planning process designed to give you a higher probability of achieving your goals.

  1. Discovery - In order to advise you well, we need to develop a thorough understanding of your personal circumstances, financial situation and needs and objectives. We will also assess your attitude to taking financial risks.
  2. Agreeing your financial strategy - Based on the information we gather, we will develop a personalised long-term financial model, based on some reasonable assumptions. By demonstrating the options available to you, this phase will help you refine and prioritise your goals and objectives, and will provide us with an agreed financial strategy on which to base our detailed recommendation that is suitable for you.
  3. Analysis & Recommendation - At this stage, we carry our extensive research, analysing your existing financial arrangements in the context of the agreed strategy. We will then make detailed, personal recommendations in regard to financial products and providers.
  4. Implementation - Once you have agreed our recommendations, we will make all the necessary arrangements to implement you plans. We will act on your behalf with the financial institutions & providers to set up new products and carry out changes to existing arrangements that we believe are in your best interests.
  5. Ongoing review and monitoring - Your needs and objectives are likely to change over time, just as your personal circumstances and financial situation change. For this reason, effective financial planning is not a one-off event – your investment and pension portfolios, together with your protection arrangements will be reviewed regularly.


Money can't buy happiness, but it will certainly get you a better class of memories.
Former US President Ronald Reagan

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